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It’s Not Clear Until It’s Avaclear

Avaclear is a professional pool cleaning and repair service company that caters to residential and commercial accounts in South Florida. We are committed to delivering timely and impeccable work that is guaranteed to impress the most meticulous of customers. We offer 45 days to one year warranty on all of our repairs. Some of our weekly pool services include:

  • Clean Pump Strainer

  • Empty Skimmer Basket

  • Apply Chemicals

  • Pool Vacuuming

  • Skim Water Surface

  • Brush Pool Walls


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Four weeks of FREE pool cleaning if you refer us a client that signs up for service. All new clients get four weeks of FREE cleaning as well.

Or reach out to us at:
(954) 629-5979

I’ve been using Avaclear’s services for over a year now and I can confidently say this is the highest quality service I’ve ever received as a pool owner.
— Patrick Z

Satisfied Avaclear Customer Photos


Avaclear pools is a very qualified and knowledgeable pool service team. Thank you for helping me out with any and all questions or problems l have had. It is a true privilege to do business with Avaclear. I highly recommend Avaclear to clean and service your pool! Present and future customers are and will be extremely happy and will NOT regret choosing Avaclear for their pool needs.
— Shani B
Avaclear performed an acid wash on my pool that turned it from an algae-covered mess to spotless perfection. I’ll never use another pool cleaning company again!
— Carroll N
I wanted to take a few minutes out of my schedule to let you know what a fantastic job your guys have done with my swimming pool! I was pretty much happy with the previous company. However, since your taking over, I have noticed much less of a chlorine smell and I have also noticed how much more time the pool tech spends on the pool. Compared to the previous company I would say he spends twice as much time brushing and vacuuming and cleaning the filters. Also in my conversations with you, the owner, you have been more than pleasant to deal with on the few occasions I’ve had the pleasure to do so. Thank you so much for your dedicated service, keep up the great work!
— Bill J
I had tons of calcium built up on my walls that refused to come out. When I hired Avaclear they got it out in the first session, for FREE. Thanks so much - it looks brand new!
— Steven H